Air Ambulance

Assisting patients quickly and safely…
To cope with emergency situations and intensive care patients, we dispatch air ambulances transporting a dedicated medical team equipped with the needed medical setup and supplies.

Dedicated Medical Team: Specialized medical staff accompany the air ambulance as needed. Pre-Flight Patient Assessment: Our medical team evaluates the report to ensure proper medical experts, supplies and equipment are available on board.

Bed-To-Bed Service: We assist with ground ambulance transportation to and from the aircraft or hospital.

Account Manager: A charter professional is ready to assist you 24/7 with any requirements you may have.

Selecting an Aircraft:With access to different types of air ambulance aircraft, we offer travel solutions that match your specific requirements, worldwide.

Choosing an Airport:Deciding on the right airport for your flight can be confusing; therefore, our experienced team can help by recommending the closest airport to your destination.

Flight Brief:It is provided prior to the flight and includes all trip details and other relevant information.

Flight Setup:We work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure a smooth operation, both on the ground and in the air, paying careful attention to various aspects of the flight.

Flight Status: We provide you with flight status, and departure and arrival times via SMS, email or any other communication mean you prefer.

Post Flight Report (PFR):Once all flight sectors are completed, we send you the PFR, which includes actual arrival and departure times and post-flight information and feedback.

Personalised Catering Menu for Patients Escorts:Upon your request, we offer tailored catering. If needed, we coordinate with your doctor or dietitian to serve you the healthiest menu options available.