Aircraft Management

Taking Care Of Your Most Valuable Assets
To understand the needs of an exceptional clientele, you need exceptional people. People of great quality committed to their work beyond what is expected and always willing to improve.

The excellence of all the employees at Global Jet is a guarantee of satisfaction for all jet owners who entrust their aircraft to our partner companies. They build a relationship of trust, ensuring jet owners' peace of mind as their primary return on investment.

Besides receiving essential financial monthly reports, these very particular customers expect to entirely rely on professional teams and they offer them just that. This trust is earned through our administrative and financial control, as well as our standards of maintenance and aircraft safety. Because you never compromise on what is important, Global Jet never compromises on the quality of service offered to you.

To understand the needs of an exceptional clientele, you need exceptional people. People of great quality committed to their work beyond what is expected and always willing to improve.

Safety, Not A Luxury, A Necessity
Our customers do not accept to take risks when travelling, neither do we. For them, Global Jet will work to its maximum capacity to ensure their travel safety. Our approach is quite simple: select the best people and the best equipment, and keep them constantly up to standard.

All crews are qualified over and beyond the requirements of their field and undergo regular training. Each crew only handles one type of aircraft which they have come to know perfectly under all conditions, controlling its performance completely. Each aircraft has its own technical department and a continuous airworthiness maintenance program from both technical and legal perspectives, complying strictly with EASA standards.

You leave nothing to chance, and neither does Global Jet: this is the key to our success, and yours. Teams entirely dedicated to your safety The internal departments of Global Jet are dedicated to providing exacting safety standards: The Operations and Planning Department coordinates aircraft maintenance and monitors airworthiness. The Hotline ensures pilots and maintenance departments stay connected wherever they are in the world to enable aircraft to fly completely safe at any time.

The Methods and Engineering Department consists of specialized engineers in charge of documentation. They perform reliability studies in order to anticipate operations and guarantee consistently high levels of technical excellence."

Certification & AOCS

Not Just A Rule, A Duty!

For our customers who expect to be flown all over the world on their terms, complying with exacting regulations is not a limitation.
Regulations and certifications are the foundation of our business in which we strive for excellence in all fields, both on the ground and in the air.

Global Jet has two European AOCs which enable jet owners to rent out their aircraft commercially. Maintenance departments ensure all aircraft comply with EASA standards. Compliance with EU OPS1 standards is ensured through regular trainings of pilots and crews. For the past 12 years, our different skills and safety requirements have been audited successfully by the aeronautical authorities.

Safety and certification are not obstacles to business, they are key requirements we are proud to meet. Whereas some people focus on what can be done, others concentrate on what really counts: what needs to be accomplished.

Flight Support

Impossible is not an Option

For Dzolali Jets, there is always a solution, if you can harness the right resources. Our operations centre with its 30-strong team of dispatchers and flight coordinators is on duty 24/7 to meet your every need. The commercial, technical and regulatory expertise of our highly professional staff enables us to organize your flight in the shortest possible time, without ever compromising on your comfort and safety.

No one can be expected to achieve the impossible. But where others give up, we go the extra mile to offer you a solution as close to impossible as you can get. This has earned us success and the loyalty of our customers. Your satisfaction is the reward for our efforts.