Group Charters

Using Dzolali group charter services, transporting large groups of passengers – such as sports teams, music bands, actors, and fashion models – or coordinating military air movement along with their luggage and equipment, has never been easier.

This way, you not only ensure that every one of your passengers experiences true comfort and luxury, but you also make sure to arrive together in good spirits and at the appointed time.

Dedicated VIP Lounge or Check-in Counters: They will be assigned a few hours prior to your flight to facilitate the check in of your travelling party.

Boarding Pass and Luggage: : Issuance of boarding passes and luggage loading can be done two hours before the travelling party arrives at the airport.

Pre-assigned Seating: Upon your request, we can pre-assign certain or all seats for the group members.

Time Flexibility: We understand that games, events, and business meetings can get delayed or extended, therefore, we gladly accommodate your schedule through flexible flight arrangements.

Transportation: We assist you with transportation to and from the airport, anywhere in the world.

Account Manager: A charter professional is ready to assist you 24/7 with any requirements you may have.

Selecting an Aircraft: With access to over 65,000 aircraft, we offer travel solutions that match your specific requirements, worldwide, at competitive rates.

Choosing an AirportDeciding on the right airport for your flight can be confusing; therefore, our experienced team can help by recommending the closest airport to your destination.

Flight Brief: It is provided prior to the flight and includes all trip details and other relevant information.

Flight Setup: We provide you with flight status, and departure and arrival times via SMS, email or any other communication mean you prefer.

Flight Status: We work closely with our suppliers and partners to ensure a smooth operation, both on the ground and in the air, paying careful attention to various aspects of the flight.

Post Flight Report (PFR): Once all flight sectors are completed, we send you the PFR, which includes actual arrival and departure times and post-flight information and feedback.

Personalised Catering Menu: Upon your request, we offer tailored catering. If needed, we coordinate with your doctor or dietitian to serve you the healthiest menu options available.